Admiral Seymour School Tour: Classroom Equipment Donations

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Admiral Seymour Elementary School is one of Vancouver’s oldest schools. Built in 1910, Admiral Seymour sits across the street from fabric’s Assembly project in Strathcona, a coveted East Vancouver community. While the area has developed in recent years, Admiral Seymour Elementary falls in one of the lowest socio-economic status neighbourhoods in Canada. Many of the students attending the school need support. As such, classroom upgrades have fallen behind over the years.

In December 2020, fabric met with school administrators and learned of the school’s need for basic classroom equipment like whiteboards and smart projectors. Dedicated to leaving a lasting impact on our local communities, fabric set out to help improve the learning environment at Admiral Seymour Elementary School.

In an effort to accomplish all of the classroom upgrade wishes, fabric enlisted the help of our local business community, neighbours, investors, friends and family to rally support and raise additional funds for this cause.

We were blown away by the support we received from our community for this initiative and together, in addition to fabric’s own donation, we were able to raise over $56,000 in equipment upgrades for the school.

Some of the new equipment funded by this initiative included:
o Interactive smart classroom projectors
o Classroom white boards
o Classroom Ipads with protective cases and charging cart
o Subscriptions to online learning programs and literacy kits
o Classroom and printing supplies
o New outdoor learning environment

With the new equipment installed and covid restrictions eased, fabric was invited to tour Admiral Seymour Elementary in Spring 2022.

We had a great experience speaking with the teachers and seeing first-hand the learning opportunities that this initiative created for the students of Admiral Seymour Elementary School!

A special thanks to all of our supporters for their help in bringing this together:

Strand Development, Amacon, The Beedie Foundation, Porte Communities, Epta Development, Lawson Lundell, Trillium Projects, Wesgroup, Barry Glotman, Sean Gersack, Realtech Capital, Landyachtz, Waterstone Properties, Avison Young, Ameet Johal, Stonehouse Real Estate Group, PC Urban, Met Printers, The Brand Real Estate Group, Brett Aura, Dan Dibadj, Mitchell Knoepfel and Framework Group. 

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