about us

Founded in 2015, fabric is a local Vancouver-based real estate development company that celebrates community by creating unique spaces in vibrant, authentic neighbourhoods. We specialize in the development of condominium, purpose built rental homes and mixed-use developments in urban, amenity-rich communities.


We believe that success is rooted in passion and we are passionate about creating thriving communities where functional buildings are woven into the fabric of the existing neighbourhood, and the form and architecture of the project not only meets the organic needs of the neighbourhood but inspires the community as a whole. We strive to deliver developments that both elevate and excite.

our values.

Truth. Our moral compass points true north. our word is our bond. our intent is transparent and our character and integrity don’t have a price.

Passion. If we don’t love it, we don’t do it. simple.

Grit. We set goals and persevere to deliver on them despite the odds.

Improvement. We own and learn from our mistakes. we improve relentlessly, with our rigorous pursuit of optimization.

Adventure. We are in constant pursuit of adventure and strive to take the road once less travelled.

our vision.

To enhance communities by creating unique, thought-provoking and exciting human experiences through the medium of built space. We are breaking the mold of assembly-line living.

our focus.

fabric is the catalyst to self actualization.

We give people the tools to create a productive, fulfilling life by providing creative and exciting projects that enhance communities and support dedicated people who are contributing to the social fabric of their city.

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