fabric is committed to maintaining and continually improving our environmental, social and governance protocols and impacts.

We hold ourselves to a high standard, as do our partners and investors.

esg standards

Click the link above to explore the efforts we've made to conserve our natural world, consider people and relationships and set standards for fabric's operations to ensure we are having a positive impact to our society. We are committed to continually improving our efforts - to doing less harm and more good - across every aspect of our business.


At fabric, we recognize our responsibility as developers to strengthen the communities in which we develop and improve the interconnectedness of our society. fabric has taken a creative approach in these efforts by making a commitment to donate 1% of project profits to support a charitable initiative within the local community of each of our developments.

Whether it be upgrading the technology and learning tools at the neighbourhood elementary school or assisting a local not-for-profit society with creative funding solutions, we are proud to help support the local communities we form part of and look forward to making an even greater impact as we continue to grow.

If you know a cause that would be a great fit for a fabric donation, please share it with us at

Admiral Seymour Elementary School Holiday Initiative

Admiral Seymour Elementary School, located at E. Georgia Street and Glen Dr. in Strathcona is one of Vancouver’s oldest schools.

Supporting local not-for profit society

fabric values the important work that not-for profit societies are doing to improve our local communities and support our neighbours.

sweat to support bwss

fabric joins the Battered Women's Support Services summer sweat challenge raising funds for support and advocacy for women who have experienced violence and oppression.

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