Hamilton Bank Building Artists Participate in 2022 Eastside Culture Crawl

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Vancouver’s Eastside Culture Crawl is an annual Visual Arts, Design and Crafts festival that involves 500+ artists on Vancouver’s Eastside opening their studios to showcase their artistic talents. Every year, the Crawl shines a light on East Van’s vibrant art-scene and we can’t wait to see the exciting creative works of local artists both established and on the rise!
It is no surprise that some of our creative residents at the Hamilton Bank Building will be featured in this year’s 26th anniversary of the crawl, a 4-day festival kicking off on November 17th.

Check out these 3 talented artists at the Hamilton Bank Building this week at the 2022 Eastside Culture Crawl

Kate MacDonald (K8L35)

Folly of Youth – Digital Collage
Credit: Kate MacDonald

Kate MacDonald is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, BC. Her paintings, digital collages and video art have been exhibited throughout North America and Europe, and her paintings have been featured in Wired and international editions of GQ. She shares a studio and collaborates with artist Les Sears as K8L35.

Les Sears (K8L35)

Cyanometer #1
Credit: Les Sears

Les Sears works in conceptual photography, screen printing and surface design. Eschewing the title of artist, he prefers to think of himself as a photographist in his explorations of identity, immoderation and consumerism. The inclusions of text and glitch in combination with his subject matter often surprise and delight the viewer. Les is a graduate of NSCAD University as well as the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, and his work has been exhibited throughout Canada and the US. His collaboration and studio partnership with Kate MacDonald as K8L35 began in 2013. As creators, K8L35 endeavour to elevate the status of objects by creating meaning outside of original context. The playful tension in their work is a result of the mediation required by collaboration; ongoing and, often, dynamic dialogue is integral to their creative process.


Three Raccoons

Echos under the Viaduct
Credit: Three Raccoons

Three Raccoons: silk screened items made by three raccoons in a trench coat, otherwise known as Tyler Wilson. Three raccoons makes patches, tote bags, and upcycled clothing, all based out of the small studio in the Hamilton Bank Building. This new project by Tyler has been gaining popularity and has been popping up at various markets around town. You can literally wear your opinion on your sleeve with these patches often containing progressive, inclusive, and sometimes controversial messages, often in a comical way. Tyler is also an accomplished photographer, and as previous years, his photography will be on display. Tyler shoots photos with an all analog workflow. Using vintage cameras, hand developing film, and printing in a traditional darkroom. Subjects often focus on the urban environment, and the decay and renewal of our surroundings.


Visit https://culturecrawl.ca/ for more information on this year’s upcoming Crawl!

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