fabric supports The Vancouver Farmer’s Market’s Fresh to Families Fund

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This year as part of fabric’s holiday giving, we are thrilled to support The Vancouver Farmers Market’s Fresh to Families Fund. Since 2015, this program has been providing fresh food direct from local farms and producers to families living with low-income, newly arrived refugees and at risk expectant mothers living in our community.

The Fresh to Families Fund is an expansion project of the Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program, a province-wide healthy eating initiative lead by BC Association of Farmers Markets and the Province of BC.

This program benefits the community in two major ways:

Coupon Recipients – Supports families living with low-income, seniors, and expectant mothers with food skills and nutritional programming. Provides participating households with fresh food coupons that can be spent for fresh produce, meat, eggs and dairy at farmers markets. Allows families to shop for culturally appropriate food that suits their families’ diets

Farmers Market Vendor Farms – Supports the livelihoods of BC farmers and producers through increased sales at farmers markets

This program puts fresh & healthy foods on the tables of those who need it most while also directly supporting the livelihoods of BC Farmers and producers.

Fresh, locally grown food should be available to everyone, regardless of income and we are thrilled to be able to support the Vancouver Farmers Market in their efforts to make this mission a reality. To learn more and to donate to this cause on this GIVING TUESDAY, click here.

Credit: EatLocal.org

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