Renowned Artist Ola Volo Kicks Off Mural Envisioning at Assembly

Project news

Our goal for Assembly has always been to build a creative community, authentic to the Strathcona neighbourhood. From the onset, fabric and Hudson recognized the importance of incorporating art in the project in a truly meaningful way. Strathcona is one of East Van’s most unique, imaginative, and artistic neighbourhoods and we wanted Assembly to pay tribute to this creative hub of the city. We knew that Ola Volo’s illustrations and spirited storytelling would make a great addition to the project and luckily Ola was excited to create an original piece for Assembly.   

Ola Volo is a Canadian mural artist and illustrator from Kazakhstan with local roots having grown up in Vancouver from the age of 10. Ola attended Emily Carr University and is internationally recognized for her distinctive style drawn from folklore, multiculturalism, and identity.  Now residing in Montreal and travelling all over the world for her work from Italy to London, Ola is known for her intricate pieces that bring animals, people, architecture and nature together to articulate diverse stories rich with symbolism and elaborate forms.

Assembly’s unique ground floor mews is approximately 4125 square feet with 20’+ high ceilings, weaving through the commercial space with glazing on both sides, providing our community of creative commercial tenants including jewelry makers, branding agencies and interior designers an inspiring view of Ola’s mural from their own workspace. 

The vision for Assembly’s Commercial Mews

Ola’s striking black and white illustrations are bound to provide an exciting, bright and memorable entrance to Assembly, with the mews serving as the perfect canvas for storytelling focused on west coast living, Vancouver and creativity – to be enjoyed by residents, tenants and pedestrians alike.

As we kick off the artwork envisioning process, we look forward to seeing Ola in action and transforming our vision for the commercial mews into a reality. We look forward to providing updates on Ola’s progress later this summer! 

Assembly is a collaboration between fabric and Hudson. While Assembly’s residential component is sold out, a few retail and office commercial spaces are available. For more information on pricing and availability of our commercial spaces, please visit

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