The Cut Presents East Van’s Haunted Pumpkin Patch

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fabric + The Ergas Group, in collaboration with Framework, the Sales + Marketing team for The Cut, hosted a free community event just in time for Halloween!

One of the homes that’s slated for demolition was transformed into an eerie, spooky and frightfully fun pumpkin patch. The corner of Kamloops Street and the Central Valley Greenway welcomed over 2,400 people, who adventured through the haunted yard of skeletons, tomb stones and spiders.

Everyone visiting the pumpkin patch had an opportunity to take home pumpkins and sweet treats, free of charge. The main attraction, Vancouver’s Largest Pumpkin, weighing in over 1,600 lbs., was craned in for The Great Pumpkin Contest. One lucky winner who guessed the weight of the Pumpkin won an iPhone 15.

The Cut, a new community of Trout Lake Townhomes + Garden Flats is now selling Phase 2, for more information be sure to visit:

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