Vancouver Real Estate Podcast with Jordan MacDonald, fabric CEO + Founder

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Jordan MacDonald joins Vancouver Real Estate Podcast hosts Adam and Matt Scalena and unpacks all things East Vancouver. The podcast captures Jordan’s passion around East Vancouver, his obsession with details and the intention behind selecting the coolest neighbourhoods for fabric projects and developments. 

Listen to VREP podcast here.

To successfully invest in real estate you need to have a strong why. Without it you won’t get far and the first fumble is betting on the wrong neighbourhood. That’s why understanding the nuances of every market is key and today’s guest has built a portfolio on just that.

Fabric Living CEO Jordan MacDonald sits down with Adam & Matt to unpack East Vancouver real estate: how he understands the various neighbourhood markets, what gets him excited about a deal & why Fabric Living doubles down on emerging markets with deep community roots & tremendous growth potential. All real estate is local & today’s episode is a masterclass on recognizing micro trends that shape larger markets.

For more episodes of VREP – listen here.

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